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Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher
  Published: 9 months ago


Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

59 minutes ago
Wow you just lost half of your fan base congratulations I guess :/

3 hours ago

8 hours ago
Together we stand, divided we fall. Trump instigates division. He seemed like Putin's bitch during the Helsinki talks. We're fucked if we don't come together as a nation.

9 hours ago
Wow. Never would have thought Eminem , slim shady , marshal mathers , completely fell off.

11 hours ago
What a washed up sell out that’s desperate for attention

11 hours ago
Fire man

12 hours ago
It’s his opinion but he’s getting worse then what he was

13 hours ago
em is corny for this

16 hours ago
I used to like Eminem

16 hours ago
Never was a fan of Eminem but this is the biggest load of bull 😂 #trumptrain

17 hours ago
Fake news fake news

19 hours ago
I'm a Muslim and I'm not terrorist
I'm Africain and I'm tunisian

19 hours ago
Since when did feminem become such an SJW?

20 hours ago
I'm with Eminem

21 hours ago
Being a fan of Eminem's music is like being a fan of Sally Fields movies. That shit was a long time ago.

21 hours ago
LOL This is so bad. Should have stayed in retirement.

1 day ago
What happened to him he needs an asthma pump every line and has the cringey two liners

1 day ago
Eminem is right

1 day ago
Ha ha. Denuclearization in Korea. Trump is doing a great job. And why ya’ll not bitch when the same exact immigration shit was going on with obama? It’s only racist and bad cause he’s white (or orange idk)

1 day ago
This is so stupid

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