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Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods – The Making Of
  Published: 2 years ago


Check out the behind-the-scenes from "Out of the Woods" off her multi-platinum release 1989...Available Now on iTunes
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21 hours ago
So the wolves were real wolves (or real ferocious looking domesticated dogs or may domesticated wolves)? I thought they were CGI!

2 days ago
my country!

2 days ago
I want to marry Taylor Swift.

3 days ago
i LOVE You

5 days ago
@Taylor swift.
You should visit Guam, if you loved New Zealand you would live Guam also. Just a thought.

6 days ago
Out of The Woods is an awesome video. Especially when you see the effort that went into it, in this short look at how it was made, you can see why. I love the attention to detail. Similarly a lot went into the live version on the 1989 tour. It was immense in how big the sound was. I'm thinking that there is more to this song than we know.

1 week ago
The ohs are so cute like jdiejebiwisbxbdhdw

2 weeks ago
T swift is a genius, joseph is a genius, when both of them get together; we get intelligence !!!!

2 weeks ago
Those where really wolfs

2 weeks ago
Who lives in nz?

2 weeks ago
Keep showing behind the scenes made Taylor Swift. I wish others would show behind the scenes. Love it.

2 weeks ago
It's weird to think this was almost 2 years in a couple months it'll be 2 years ago..2016 was the worst year ever because all of those celebs died...the mass shooting that happened yesterday was sickening it's so, what the hell..I hope 2018 will be a wonderful year for us all. 💖

3 weeks ago
Sadly this taylor won't be back

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
I live in New Zealand

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
The viede wus so cool😍😍😍😍💩

3 weeks ago
omg you really didi that to these dogs?

3 weeks ago
My god iam cant listening you speaking. Amazing grils bas akses

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