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Arnold Set off to the Center of the Earth
   Meet Arnold
  Published: 9 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Rip keep die

2 hours ago
R i p

5 hours ago
I feel bad for arnold. I dont think he is dumb i just think that he loses brain cells each time he gets cloned

19 hours ago
1 like to this video = 1 new finger for Arnold

1 day ago
He's been suffering all his life 😀😬😐😶😕😦😢

2 days ago
Arnold is always losing his finger 😂

3 days ago
What's with Arnold's finger?!

4 days ago
rip finger poor finger

4 days ago
How many times Arnold lost his finger?

5 days ago
Wait... his finger fell off but came BACK?

5 days ago
this is fine

6 days ago
Like always his finger is gone

1 week ago
Always the fingers

1 week ago
Arnold is pretty hi tech because we haven’t build a mine to the center

1 week ago
Why always the finger that Arnold loses?

1 week ago

1 week ago
that dude never dies and always loses a finger like who does that and one question why after he cuts his finger it is back and why does he have 3 fingers???

1 week ago
Why Arnold always lose a finger!!!???

1 week ago
What is that planet that rains dimonds can you make a video for that and what happens

1 week ago

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